Welcome to Back to Basics: A DIY Series with Jhánneu

Welcome to Back to Basics: A DIY Series with Jhánneu a DIY Series help you save the planet & your wallet.

Jhánneu Roberts

October 8, 2020

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i! I’m Jhánneu, a sustainability expert who loves to share tips and tricks on how to live a low waste lifestyle.

I created Back to Basics, a DIY series, that takes us back to back to a more simple time of making things ourselves and using less single-use plastic. We live in a world where creating waste is the norm, and I want to show you how to change that. At Future Prosperity it is important for us to keep the regenerative conversation inclusive and accessible as possible. We know that some of our products might be out of some people’s budgets, but we want those people to still feel included and join us on the detox from plastic journey as well. After all, making your own products is one of the most sustainable things you can do.

When I began my low waste journey I had a tight budget and started off by making a lot of products myself. It's actually pretty empowering to know that I have the power to produce less waste and don’t have to spend a ton of money to do so. Knowing what exactly in your products is important  to me as well. Many of our home and beauty products contain toxic chemicals that are not only bad for our health but also the environment. Clean ingredients and minimal waste is my favorite part about making my own products.

I’m excited for you to join me on the journey of going Back to Basics!

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