HiNote: LP GIOBBI, FEMME HOUSE, and Shaping the Future of Women In Music

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P Giobbi is a fierce entrepreneurial force onstage, slinging house anthems while shaping the future of the music industry to be more inclusive for womxn and non-binary artist with her FEMME HOUSE platform. I first met Leah her when she opened for Sofi Tukker, dealing out some serious DJ Harvey vibes & working the crowd. We forged a friendship in our DM's and when she offered me coffee during peak festival stress and I knew she was a good egg. I'm so pleased to share her experience and work with the Future Prosperity community and introduce her ''Meet Again' tune which has been my 2020 anthem. Listen here.

Let's go back to day 1, when did you first pick up music and how did you evolve into the house hero you are today?

Maybe we should make a t-shirt that just reads House Hero and it's the only thing I ever wear for the rest of time! I begged my parents for piano lessons when I was in 2nd grade. They thought I was too young but let me meet with this one teacher in my town that was recommended and the second I walked into her studio rockin my hippy tie-die and jester hat, our hearts collided. She focused on fueling creativity more than anything so some days we would play the inside of the piano or others we would just dance! I studied with her through graduating high school then went to UC Berkeley to study Jazz Piano Performance. From there I was playing solo jazz piano gigs in a bar in SF when I was approached by a producer who worked with Daft Punk to join an all female electronic band in LA. I made the leap and spent the next few years learning synthesis and sound design and producing. The band played a festival in Tahoe and I ended up doing a DJ set at one of the afterparties that Sofi Tukker was headlining. They listened to my set and asked me to come on tour and was the birth of this project!

I first fell in love with you when you were touring with Sofi Tukker and blew the roof off Bang Bang in 2017. What was it about the music scene at that time that inspired you to push for more representation in the industry?

When I heard Grimes produced her own records my mind was blown. I was raised by hippies that told me I could do ANYTHING but because I never saw myself in that role, I didn't even think (subconsciously) that I could have it which then made me wonder what else do I not think I could be because of lack of visual representation? That is when I became obsessed with becoming that for another woman and starting a community (FEMME HOUSE) that fostered that. 

What does feminism mean to you as a musician and as an industry tastemaker?

For women to feel empowered to do, make and be what they want and who they are. To help women enter gatekeeper roles where we can continue to open the door to more equal opportunities. 

Tell us about the FEMME HOUSE platform and education that you provide to help women learn techniques?

FEMME HOUSE is a 501c3 that gives free monthly workshops (in LA during non quarantine times and over zoom during quarantine times) as well as more in depth online courses that teach music production in Ableton, engineering, MIDI concepts and more with the goal of creating and fostering more equitable opportunity for womxn and non-binary people in the technical areas of music. We seek to create the future producers, mixers, and engineers of the industry by offering educational workshops, building community, propagating visual representation, and offering professional development resources such as networking, mentorship, and more. We believe that if you can see it, you can be it, and that if we tear down the barriers to entry, we can affect change on a systemic, industry-wide level. 

What has been the most challenging thing you've had to overcome as a musician and entrepreneur?

BELIEVING IN MY DANG SELF! nothing starts unless you believe it is possible. Just like working out my body I have had to learn how to work out my brain to find the positive grooves in my brain when it starts going negative. It is a muscle and you can train it ;-)

Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit? You have a label imprint, educational platform and manage to stream the hell out of your tunes at the same time. What keeps you motivated?

I suppose I have. All these things sort of feed the same beast though so they help keep me motivated on all my projects. I also am W Hotels North American Music Director which allows me to give opportunities to the artists within the label and FEMME HOUSE community that I work with and they all sort of work together to open doors and build a larger picture. But at the end of the day the motivation comes from my obsession with music: the universal language of joy and love!

Have you made any small changes to reducing your plastic consumption? 

Yes! I don't use plastic water bottles. My touring family (Sofi Tukker) does a plastic free tour so I have gotten to learn from them how to do that and how possible it is. I am conscious of what I put on my rider and that I always have a refillable water bottle with me and I walk absolutely wherever I can when I'm touring and when I'm home! 

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